Our Story

Unique and fly artisan handmade jewelry and more!
Youneak Designs began as an artisan handmade jewelry company founded in 2012 by Adrienne Singleton, CEO and Designer.  While recovering from a fluke accident resulting in a broken wrist, an opportunity to hand-make holiday gifts quickly developed into a full jewelry line.
Since 2012, Youneak Designs has blossomed into offering much more than jewelry.  All of our designs are handcrafted with love.  They are individual, artisan style, unique pieces that are not mass produced.  We very rarely duplicate ready to ship designs and we absolutely do not duplicate Custom orders unless the original client requests us to do so.  
At Youneak Designs, we create Couture and often eclectic jewelry pieces with unique color/pattern combinations.  We carry everything from beaded jewelry to leather pieces, chains, paper earrings, custom greeting cards, gift bags/boxes, notebooks and more!  You name it, we make it!  Our designs capture the very essence of the woman who lives for the details and we provide the perfect complement to a man’s style.  While we focus on making a fashion statement, it is important to us that we do not sacrifice quality.  Therefore, all of our pieces are made sturdy using handpicked quality materials including precious and semi-precious metals/stones, and upgrades are always available for Custom orders.  Our core belief is that every one of our clients is unique and deserves to feel exclusive when stepping out in one or more of our fabulous pieces!
Here at Youneak Designs, we believe A+ customer service is the key to growing and sustaining our business.  So we take extreme care with the process of creating every product in our packaging.  We provide a unique experience to our customers each time they unbox an item from us!
So check out the new and improved Youneak Designs and see what our customers are raving about!
Youneak Designs – For the stylish souls with exquisite taste that fall in love with the details!