"Sunset,  Sky,  Land" - Waist beads

"Sunset, Sky, Land" - Waist beads

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Waist Love Collection

Introducing Waist Love by Youneak Designs, a collection of handmade waist beads. Each set has been crafted with love and pure intention to be worn by all types of waist bead enthusiasts. The different sets will vary from permanent tie-on to removable screw-on types. They include all types of seed beads, natural stones, chip beads and other natural findings. Whether you love to wear your waist beads for weight loss, to cultivate specific intention or to enhance your sensuality we surely have some for you to fall in love with!

Color: Dark green, orange, yellow, green

Type/Size: Tie -on / 56 inches

“Evergreen Leaves” specifics:

  • Dark green silver lined 6/0 seed beads

  • Opaque yellow 6/0 seed beads

  • Ceylon orange 6/0 seed beads

  • Green silver lined 11/0 seed beads


  • These were inspired by nature. Watching the sun go down and begin to blend in with the clouds as the green grass starts to fade into the night, paints a beautiful picture in the sky. I like to think that these embody that beauty.