"Gilded Pink and Gold Heart" earrings

"Gilded Pink and Gold Heart" earrings

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Artisan Handmade Paper Earrings Collection


Put together by hand, card stock is layered, then coated with a glue sealant creating these solid yet extremely lightweight, statement earrings.  Handmade center findings.  All of our earrings are made with high quality, hypo-allergenic hardware such as gold filled, 18k+ gold plated, stainless steel and sterling silver.  Some of the looks are enhanced with enhancements like metallic color accents, gemstone beads, brass and hematite creating a unique look for each person wearing them!  Although a collection of earrings may be made from the same piece of cardstock, the possibilities for design are endless!  Therefore, no 2 earrings are exactly alike and that is just the way we like it!

  • Featuring metallic gold detail
  • Hand-painted edges
  • 24kt gold plated hardware
  • Shades of pink
  • Hand-crafted item – color combinations may vary slightly 
  • Made in America